Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beautiful Sets

Yesterday I finally put something together that I had been planning for a while - 3 liquid perfume sets with each set comprising 4 glass roll on bottles that contained a particular type of fragrance. The first is a floral set which includes perfumes dedicated to rose, geranium and jasmine flowers amongst others. The second is what I call my 'Mysterious Notes' set which is basically for those bold, brave types who want a definitive and unique scent to wear, and the third set is called 'Mother Nature' which comprises all of the beautiful smells of nature - fresh, clean scents, herbal, fauna, even fruity smells. And I am so pleased with the outcome of each box set. I spent so long designing the labels, literally a whole day on each and have now put the collection in the shop. It helps to love your own products. It really does. When you feel so passionate about your product, all you want to do is shout it's credentials from the roof tops. And I like that I spend most of the time frantically rolling Acalendra onto my wrists like some sort of addict. It's a good thing to be so enamoured with something you have produced with your own hands.

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