Thursday, May 3, 2012

Long time no see

So i know it's been a long, loooong time since I last posted on the old blog, but I just couldn't find the time to sit down and devote a deservedly fair amount of time to it and actually write more than 3 words, but here I am!
So, what can I tell you? A fair bit has been happening of late, including lots of new additions to the shop. The whole liquid perfume line is up and running, and we've even managed to include a body butter, which was, weirdly, the hardest product I've made so far of everything we sell. Something to do with getting the consistency right, and a lot of whipping....
Saville's Row aside, Wade and I had his dad come stay with us for a little over a week.......and I have been psyching myself up to dive straight back into the painting - did I mention I paint? Nerves have overcome me more and more recently with regard to the art - nervousness about getting back into it after such a long stint away, but when you feel the adrenalin and frustration coursing through your veins, your bones every time you hear the word 'art' or 'artist', at least in my case, you know you've got to scratch that itch sooner rather than later. And so I am. And I have something of an exhilarated anxiety at the thought of putting a paint brush back in my hand, but I know it will make me truly happy.
In other news, it will be mine and Wade's one year anniversary on 6th May! Blimey, a year! It's been an interesting one. I told him that all I would want is for us to get a massive slice of chocolate ice cream cake that they serve down the road at this seafood restaurant and sit at home watching Back to the Future Part 11. It don't take much. So, I will keep you posted on whether he delivers. I feel quite confident that he will receive my anniversary gift to him rather well - the gift of being allowed to sit next to me on the sofa.
Also, my computer died recently, and took to the grave every single thing I ever had on it, including all of my photos and everything associated with Saville's Row. Bloody technology. So, whilst I would have loved the chance to dazzle you with some nice little shots, I have now got a very limited supply of what I can show you as I only have about 2 pictures in my photo library. Never the less, lets see what we can find...
Well, it's not all bad - this is the beautiful face and body butter I was telling you about. I tried to pipe it into the jar.
And here are the newest additions to the shop - Liquid Vial Perfume Samples
Abuse of a beast.....
And this shot is of the dearest item in the shop - a bottle that I acquired simply because of it's retro beauty.
I hope you enjoyed the round up,
Lou x

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