Thursday, March 29, 2012

For your viewing pleasure....

Just a few snaps I managed to take yesterday before the sun dipped away for the night. I've been working on some infusions lately, and this latest one is a concoction of herbs and flowers that, once strained, will be incorporated into a balm to aid sleep. A dreamtime salve is next on the cards, which I am very excited about! (is that sad?)So, watch this space, and the shop will soon be stocked with new goodies, Lou x

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Natural Solid Perfumes

Our newest, and my MOST favourite video yet! I love the old french theme and dust particles glistening in the sunlight throughout the shots. Whadya reckon? Lou x

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bath Salts Video

The latest video from Saville's Row. Who would have thought that co - creating your own little empire could be so much fun (at times)....

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Postal Delight!

Today, I received my recently purchased collection of Antique mold lockets in the post, and they are beautiful! 6 in total - purchasing these little treasures must be staggered for now as they cost a little more than an arm and a leg. But when they do come, it's a treat alright! They are perfect little beauts and I had to share them with you. On the 15th April, I am setting myself up a little table at an outdoor market which I am already preparing for. So much stock to acquire, so many lotions and potions to make - so all the required goods are trickling in already.
It will actually be my first ever market selling my Saville's Row products, so, exciting, a little stressful, but very good. I've been planning the layout of my products on my table a thousand times over in my head, deciding how much stock to bring, what vessels to present my items in, what trays to display them on....all sorts of stuff. So...wish me luck. If you live near the Orange County Green Market, please come down. You can come and test out the goodies!
Some beasts had chanced upon my lockets.
Also, after a lot of back and forward deciding and reworking, the Saville's Row header has finally been done - and this is how it will be for good. Whadya think? Lou x

Friday, March 2, 2012

A new day, a new scent

Hello folks, In the past few days, I have been busy, busy, busy. Aside from working non stop on the old lap top to create and edit various social media accounts, I have been busy working away at some new concoctions. I had to wait patiently to begin some new creations as I had had my eye on some delectable essential oils for some time, and was eager to grab 'em, but had to wait until I had accrued enough cash to do so. Don't get confused - essential oils can be cheap - I don't want it to sound like I've been saving my pennies for weeks to buy a can of coke. Some essential oils can be cheap(ish) like the fairly basic, common ones like orange and lime. But some can be very costly, namely Frankincense essential oil. I mean, come on, if that was one of the gifts Jesus got, we know it's gonna be pricey. And it was, but well worth it. So far, it is one of my favourite ess. oils. It has the most incredible aroma. On the label, it likens the scent to 'balsamic vinegar', which I think is a somewhat unfair comparison to such a beautiful, unusual smell.
I would liken it instead to musky ochres, resins, old woods that have been sitting somewhere deep and dark for centuries and have a thousand stories imbued in their rings. Sounds a bit....dramatic, but it's true! It's a really special scent that I can't wait to keep mixing with other oils to create even more incredible and unique perfumes and balms. So far, my cheap little pal, old sweet orange ess. oil has proven to be worth the $4 I spent on him (cheap, cheerful, reliable) and goes really well with the $30.00 (BLIMEY!) Frankincense. So, I have so far created a beeeeeeautiful new perfume which I am currently wearing called, 'UMBER SILK', and I love it.
Still going with the Frankincense theme, I've also concocted a stunning lip balm that smells so sweet and comforting, it's been hard to put it down. Here's the latest snaps of the new guys...
And here's the beautiful new lip butters, 'SORRENTO'.....
Lou x