Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reginald Vox (after Bono) & Saville Row

I just had to post another little something something. Today has been a very productive and good day. The whole of my products and ingredient paraphernalia has been organised and newly homed. The house is spanking clean, and the kids are alright, as some band, which I forget, say. They're defo on the mend. I took some ethereal shots of them just now-
My beautiful boy, Reg
And here's little Savvy...
She is slightly nightmarish, but beautiful all the same. Also, i know it's not exactly a compliment, but there are times when I think she looks a little like the love child of Kevin Rudd and Adolph Hitler. It's the round head and moustache. She's still a beaut.
Anyway, enough bloody cat talk. I've managed to arrange a meeting tomorrow with a particularly splendid shop in the hope that they'll carry my products. Wish me luck!...
Lou x

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