Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A facebook connection...

Greetings folks, I hope the evening finds you well. Wednesday night.....what debauchery can you really get up to mid week? Watch a bit of crap T.V in my case - this Wednesday night presents another great episode of Wife Swap USA...Brilliant.
Well, in more interesting news - we finally have a direct connection to Facebook! Yay! Thanks be to my padre for that - good old Ally - he managed to get it all set up so that you can just click the 'like' box on the blog to follow Saville's Row rather than having to go all the way to the facebook page - and now all we need is to actually get people to like us! So please, LIKE US! And Saville's Row will promise to love you forever!!! Also, you'll be the lucky ones to get notifications on discounts and offers so that's always good!
Well, I must dash - I shall leave you to your evening. I am settling in early for the night. Wade and I are going to call an early one and maybe find a nice movie to watch. Sleep Well, Lou xx
Ps. here's some bed time pics for you
My newest snazzy scents in the snazziest of lockets. Beauts xx