Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Violets & Naughty beasts

Today has been a day so far of organising, cleaning up, and rearranging our bedroom in order to home a newly acquired wardrobe - something I have been pining for for months. So, tremendous fun there. But what was a little fun was getting some beautiful African violets from the Dana Point nursery. They had so many variations and colours, and I finally decided upon some deep fushia coloured fellas to use in my concoctions. Not that the colours of the petals will necessarily have any bearing on the resulting salve that I plan on making, but it'll be nice for me to look at whilst I use it! So, I plan on including a wonderous new salve to the line, that of course will include an infusion of violet. So far, I have only introduced a healing balm to Saville's Row, and have been waiting with excited anticipation to add some salves as I have pages and pages of incredible body salve recipes just waiting to be utilised. It's just a case of waiting for the oils to infuse with all sorts of herbs and flowers, and that can be a timely process. Anyway, suffice to say, we're good to go, so watch this space....
Some of my beautiful violet flowers
And a little infusion in progress...
So, there's the beauties for you. I'm soon to get started on some salves, I would get stuck into it right now if I could, but currently, I write this sitting face up against the window looking up every two seconds to see if one of my cat's has decided to return home. He's not very well, and needs to be kept indoors, but it was such a beautiful day, I thought one hour in the sun would do him good. Now he's taking the piss and has been gone for nearly two hours....I'm in trouble.
Oh well,
Catch you next time, Lou xx

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