Thursday, February 23, 2012

Before the Sun goes down

Yesterday, amongst all the other stuff I was doing, I managed to slip down to the printers and finally get some much needed new labels printed up. Those labels included a bunch for my bath salt bottles - which I love. I love the shape of these little beauts, and I love even more the fact that they last for life and can be refilled with salts over and over- a good investment. check out my snazzy new shots - I'm quite proud of these pics!...
What do you think? I caught the last of the sun yesterday evening in a bit of a panic before I lost the light completely. Of course, the bath salts are pretty nice too! There's 3 different scents available in the shop, and this one- Cinder, happens to be my favourite. It's beautiful!
I hope you like them!
Lou x

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